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A number of the founding teachers still teach at SHIKSHA GREENWOODS – a testament to the warmth and spirit of this learning community.


SHIKSHA GREENWOODS was opened to serve the needs of our growing community. Over the years, the school has earned praise for its continuous improvement in student test scores AND consistently high levels of parent satisfaction. 


Why ChooSE

Our School

  1. Certified Instructors
  2. child-first curriculum
  3. full range of classes
  4. tutoring
  5. high student test scores 
  6. kid camp


To Educate, Empower & Enlighten


To Educate, empower and enlighten our students with an egalitarian attitude and motivate them to lead the human – race towards an advanced, eco – friendly, law – abiding, socially conscious, spiritually sound and well balanced society thereby contributing for the holistic development of the individual and advancement of the nation.


“We don’t just admit children but we adopt them”.
In imparting education, the school aims to guide the students through a system beyond pure academic achievements for the holistic development of personality based on moral value.
Wholesome teaching and learning extended to the students is to achieve progress and prospect in life with oriental desire among the students to extend selfless service to the country.
“The destiny of a nation is decided in the classroom”.

Belief Statements:

We believe:
Our staff, students, and parents constitute our School- only by working together can this school vision be realized.
Our School has an obligation to promote a challenging academic program that best meets the needs of all our learners and feeds their intellectual curiosity -
(1) a whole person constitutes not only a person’s intellectual well-being, but also the person’s physical, social, and emotional well-being and
(2) a balance of academic, aesthetic, and athletic experiences are necessary for a well-rounded education

We are all perpetual learners in this School -
(1) learning is a continuous process that takes place through different styles and interests and
(2) flexibility and change are necessary elements of learning and progress

We dedicate ourselves to ensure that we are responsible contributors in a globally competitive world -
(1) problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity are essential abilities,
(2) the continuous analysis and application of current research is an integral part of learning, and
(3) we continue to learn the processes and knowledge related to current technologies

We strive to recognize all effects of our actions and take responsibility for those actions - this recognition of responsibility is evident in the day-to-day interactions and service opportunities

chairman's message

                                             The purpose of education is manifold. Literacy and employment are its primary aims. Another purpose is to make                                                        students capable of living their lives fully at all levels of their personalities. They should be able to face the numerous                                                challenges of life and carve out a purposeful future for themselves.

                                             At yet another level, the purpose of education is to groom students in noble cultural values. In the absence of this                                                        culture, knowledge itself and material prosperity can become a weapon of destruction instead of a means of blessing to                                              humanity. Still higher than this aim is to create a thirst for greater knowledge in students, so that they discover the                                                      mysteries of Nature and the world around them.

Shiksha Greenwoods imparts education to students keeping all the aforesaid in view, children get modern education in an atmosphere of rich Indian culture.





Welcome to the page of Shiksha Greenwoods, a school dedicated to providing each student with an

exemplary educational experience with. A review of the website will enable you to quickly gain a

sense of the energy and excitement that is associated with the learning that daily permeates the

Shiksha campus. From our website you will undoubtedly begin to construct an understanding that

Shiksha is a school dedicated to supporting and challenging each student to meet his/her full

potential. The school has a rich and extended history of working with students to support their

academic, emotional, physical and social development. This is best done by everyone at Shiksha

dedicating themselves to the application of “best practices” in facilitating the learning experiences

of students.

Three statements, most often referred to as the Vital Few, serve to emphasize what is at the heart of the day to day interaction with students at Shiksha Greenwoods School.

Academic rigor
Extraordinary care for the welfare of each child
Professional excellence

When taken in combination, the “Vital Few” collectively contribute to the creation of a wonderful Shiksha learning School for students, parents, faculty, staff and administrators. The commitment to the “Vital Few”, in concert with the development of a strong home/school partnership, is the key to forging a working relationship focused on promoting student success throughout the school year.

Whether you are a family seeking to make a decision about the best school for your child or a current member of the Shiksha learning community looking for specific information, you are invited to explore the pages of the website to learn more about what makes Shiksha such a wonderful place for students between the ages of 3 and 18. We anticipate the information available on these pages will meet your needs, but if you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kugan Thirunavukkarasu
Shiksha Schools.